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Neuropsychology and the AIBL study: Progressing the clinical neuropsychological phenotype of Alzheimer's disease.

Prof Colin Masters, Prof Paul Maruff, A/Prof Kathryn Ellis, Prof David Ames
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution Florey Institute
Project Description

As the AIBL project has developed, so has the cognition and clinical programme. In addition to characterising the cohort, this programme of research has begun to explore cognition and cognitive rates of change and the interactions with markers of disease, clinical status, education and socio-economic factors, mood, subjective memory concerns, genetic risk factors and medication use.

This proposal will allow AIBL to continue collecting neuropsych data past the 54 month time point. The psychometrics battery will comprise several well validated psychometric and neuropsychological tests, including tasks sensitive to the presence of mild cognitive impairment and cognitive decline.

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