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Identifying specific biomarkers for AD

Prof Ralph Martins, Dr Veer Bala Gupta
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution ECU
Project Description

While much progress has been made over understanding Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology, we still lag far behind in developing reliable, sensitive, non-invasive and cost-effective diagnostic biomarkers which can be used before and during the course of a therapeutic intervention. There is substantial evidence to indicate that early stages of AD pathogenesis coincide with specific protein changes in peripheral body fluids, particularly blood and these changes subsequently also reflect aggravation of AD pathology during its time-course. Age related protein changes pose a major hurdle to identify and differentiate the bona fide AD biomarkers due to high prevalence of the disease in aged populations.

We propose that investigating common changes between the familial form and the late onset form of AD will be an innovative approach to identify and develop reliable blood based biomarkers for this disease, independent of age related changes. Identification of such biomarkers in the blood will not only transform the early diagnostic capabilities but also enhance mechanistic understanding of the disease.

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