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AIBL Imaging III: Imaging in AIBL at 6 year follow-up.

Prof Christopher Rowe, A/Prof Victor Villemagne, Prof David Ames, Prof Ralph Martins
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution Austin Health/Florey
Project Description

The Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle (AIBL) study of Ageing has completed 4.5 years of follow-up on a cohort of 1100 individuals aged over 60 years. Of these 288 commenced serial MRI and amyloid PET imaging every 18 months with 150 returning at 4.5 years. At the 4.5 year time point an additional 200 participants were imaged sponsored by GE Healthcare and there is funding to redo these subjects at 6 years. Another 200 were imaged with funding provided by the D-CRC. However, funding for core AIBL has run out, so there is no funding for imaging of the original AIBL imaging cohort nor the DCRC funded group at 6 years.

This application is for funds towards MRI and amyloid PET imaging for these AIBL subjects at 6 years follow-up. This data will refine our recently published time course trajectories for amyloid accumulation, hippocampal and grey matter atrophy and cognitive decline derived from 3 years follow-up (Villemagne et al. Lancet Neurology 2013). It also will extend our knowledge of the prognostic value of cognitive and imaging findings, particularly in the healthy older population and those with subjective memory complaints. The 3 year imaging data has been downloaded by 540 research groups world-wide. This data will also be made available to download.

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