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User experiences and perceptions of an online Alzheimer's disease risk assessment tool – the Australian National University Alzheimer’s disease risk index (ANU-ADRI)

Dr Maree Farrow, Prof Kaarin Anstey, Dr Nicolas Cherbuin, Dr Elodie O'Connor
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution AAVIC
Project Description

About this projectThe ANU-ADRI is a questionnaire-based validated tool designed to quantify an individual's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, based on risk and protective factors that have reliable scientific evidence and can be measured by self-report.

The ANU-ADRI was specifically designed for implementation in public health programs aimed at reducing population prevalence of AD through targeted risk reduction. One important step in this is the evaluation of the acceptability and utility of the index and associated advice for its users. This project will examine user experiences and perceptions of the index.

This project will develop the web-based ANU-ADRI for use by the general public, with an emphasis on developing appropriate information about using the index and the feedback provided about an individual's result. Participants will use the ANU-ADRI and complete an online survey to evaluate their perceptions of the index and its usefulness and their intentions for using their results.

The Alzheimer's Australia Vic GP Reference Group will be consulted to evaluate practitioners' perceptions of potential benefits and harms of making a risk self-assessment publicly available.

Findings will be used to suggest possible changes to the web-interface to improve users' experience and better respond to their expectations and needs.

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Latest News
The ANU-ADRI tool is now available via their website


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