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Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution UoM
Project Description

Current estimates suggest that 83% of Australian's aged 75 years and older do not achieve the recommended amount of physical activity (PA), despite evidence that it may delay or prevent cognitive decline. Changing sedentary behaviour is challenging, with half of those starting PA programs giving up by 6-months. Personality factors and attitudes towards ageing are likely to differ between currently active older adults and those who are sedentary, and these factors may moderate change processes towards increased PA in sedentary individuals. However, the personality traits and attitudes to ageing that underlie active versus sedentary older adults have not yet been fully investigated.

This project will examine these factors in sedentary volunteers and physically active peer-mentors participating the INDIGO study, a randomised control trial of PA with individual goal-setting and volunteer mentors to overcome sedentary lifestyle in older adults at risk of cognitive decline. Participants will complete the NEO Five-Factor Inventory personality inventory and the Attitudes to Ageing Questionnaire (Laidlaw et al, 2007).

The results of this study may inform the development of more targeted PA and education programs to overcome sedentary lifestyle in older adults at risk of cognitive decline to facilitate the change process towards increased exercise levels.

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