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Exercising the brain - guidelines

Ben Rattray, Dr Kate Pumpa, Dr Allison Bielak, Ms Disa Smee, Dr Nicolas Cherbuin, Prof Kaarin Anstey
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution UC
Project Description

Physical activity is thought to play a major role in preventing dementia, specifically Alzheimer's disease but little is known about the dose of physical activity required for this protective effect.

Cognitive activities are also known to increase brain activity and subsequent blood flow and are advocated as a means to delay or even prevent dementia. The combination of physical and cognitive activities may be the best approach to prevent cognitive decline but further research is required to understand how they interact.

A unique opportunity currently exists to utilise and contribute to The Personality and Total Health Through Life project (PATH).

In 2013/14, the 60-64 participant cohort will undergo a 12 year follow-up assessment, presenting an opportunity to investigate how typical physical activity and cognitive regimes undertaken over a week interact with participants' overall physical and cognitive health.

Participants will be invited to record a week of dietary information (iPod app), physical activity (measured through armband technology) and cognitive activities. Relationships between these measures will be compared to existing PATH study measures including cognitive performance, and health biomarkers.

The findings of this study will assist to inform exercise (activity) prescription for optimal brain health in older adults.

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