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BBL - GP Feasibility and intervention: Adapting and evaluating an evidence-based dementia risk reduction program for use in primary care

Prof Kaarin Anstey, Dr Nicolas Cherbuin, Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs, Dr Maree Farrow, Dr Kerry Sargent-Cox
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution ANU
Project Description

The BBL (Brain, Body, Life) project is an online dementia risk reduction program, aimed at modifying health and lifestyle behaviors. It is being evaluated in a research environment.

The current proposal aims to adapt the program so that it can be used in primary care settings.

Many scientifically evaluated intervention programs never advance past the academic setting. It requires investment of resources and time and engagement with consumers and stakeholders to progress academic interventions into products that will be used effectively in health care settings.

This project will bridge the gap from the experimental random control trials of the research setting to develop the BBL into an effective intervention that has direct clinical application.

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