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Knowledge Translation: Opportunities for Primary Practice (from the perspective of the Practice Nurse): Dementia Prevention and Early Diagnosis

Dr Melinda Martin-Khan, Prof Elizabeth Beattie, Prof Dimity Pond, Dr Maree Farrow, Dr David Lie, Dr Geoffrey Mitchell
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution DCRC Carers and Consumers
Project Description

Primary practice is recognised as an opportunity for intervention with community dwelling individuals in relation to

  1. dementia prevention (modifying potential risk factors around mid-life) and
  2. for carrying out preliminary assessment if an individual is worried about their cognition.

Practice Nurses (PN) play a key role in primary practice, including the completion of general health assessments, home visits, dressings, immunisations, counselling and flu injections which means the PN often has regular contact with the patients in the general practice community.  The PN has a unique role which sees their involvement with patients naturally extending beyond acute illness episodes to general well-being, which would suggest that interactions around dementia prevention and/or diagnosis may be acceptable.

Evidence for dementia prevention and diagnosis is growing. This project will consider the existing evidence supporting the translation into general practice, and identify its relevance to the Australian context and articulate any gaps/barriers in evidence of translation as a guide for future research.

The methodology will be focus groups of clinic practice nurses, who will discuss the evidence, consider the relevance international models of translated research and identify opportunities for knowledge translation activity in the next five years.

This project is an extension of a previous project which ran focus groups in Victoria and Queensland with General Practitioners. 

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