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Dementia Prevention Project 1: Evidence on dementia risk reduction, risk assessment and intervention

Prof Kaarin Anstey, Prof Marc Budge, Prof George Rebok
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution Centre for Mental Health Research
Project Description

This project provides the evidence base for developing and conducting public health interventions to reduce the risk of dementia in the population.

First, we will review current evidence on risk factors for dementia and tabulate effect sizes for each risk factor by age (5-year bands) and sex. This information will be used to develop a self-report risk assessment tool, similar to tools used for diabetes and heart disease.

Second, we will review current evidence on public health interventions to reduce risk factors for dementia to identify the optimal design for a large-scale public health intervention.

This work will contribute to the design of a clinical trial.

Project Portfolio

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