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Evaluation of candidate biomarkers in platelets

Prof Ralph Martins, Dr Andrea C. Wilson, Dr Stephanie Rainey-Smith
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution Edith Cowan University
Project Description

This project will involve evaluating the measurement of candidate biomarkers in platelets.

Our current conventional ELISA assays have been optimised for use with plasma samples. Besides the need to adjust the assays to the different type of blood product samples, such as platelets, there will be a need to characterise and measure the quantities of the selected candidate biomarkers, namely Aβ isoforms, apoE and IDE, to gauge the feasibility of use in the various blood products.

The technical development and feasibility studies will begin with testing of in-house collected blood product samples with selected antibodies. If viable, platelets together with plasma will be used as the sample base for the assessment of the suitability of a multiplex Luminex assay.


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