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Development of a website for providing authoritative evidence and practical advice on dementia risk reduction

Dr Maree Farrow, Mr Jack Sach, Prof Kaarin Anstey, A/Prof Michael Woodward
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution Alzheimer's Australia Vic
Project Description

Awareness of dementia risk factors and the potential for risk reduction in the Australian community is low. A website providing comprehensive information specific to dementia risk reduction does not currently exist.

This project aims to develop such a website and provide a vehicle for disseminating evidence based advice.

The project will involve reviewing dementia risk reduction evidence, developing recommendations for strategies that may reduce dementia risk, developing a 5-star rating system so that the strength of evidence and recommendations is easily identifiable, reviewing available resources for preventative health measures and identifying those appropriate for dementia risk reduction, and incorporating all of this into a website providing accessible, evidence based dementia risk reduction information for the Australian community.

This is a significant step in translating what is known about dementia risk into practical advice for consumers. This project will also provide a platform for future research to improve and evaluate the reach to the community and the uptake of evidence.

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