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Identifying factors that influence boundary transgression in dementia

Dr Margaret MacAndrew, Prof Elizabeth Beattie
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Queensland University of Technology
Project Description

Boundary transgression or intrusive behaviour associated with dementia has been referred to in numerous journal articles, especially related to wandering behaviour. Boundary transgression has been identified as a major problem in the care of the person with dementia, and is a factor that contributes to resident on resident aggression. However, the characteristics of those persons with dementia who 'intrude' and what residents do when they transgress boundaries, especially into private spaces or other residents, have not been specifically studied.

This descriptive observational study aims to identify the characteristics of this behaviour and to determine the association between boundary transgression, level of cognitive impairment, locomotive behaviour (wandering) and agitation in a sample of nursing home residents with dementia.

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