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Additional BPSD Guide resources for different end-users: clinicians and families

BPSD Team , Prof Henry Brodaty, Ms Kim Burns, Dr Ranmalie Jayasinha
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution The Australian Government as represented by the Department of Social Services (DSS); Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Services (DBMAS)
Project Description

This project is part of the BPSD Guide - Development, Dissemination and Evaluation program. The Guide is part of the suite of resources, including apps and companion guides, which can be accessed on the Program Resource Page

Background to this project 

In 2013-14 the BPSD Guide project team developed a suite of resources based on the document: Behaviour Management – A Guide to Good Practice: Managing Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD).

 For Clinicians

  • A Clinician’s Field Guide to Good Practice: Managing Behavioural and Psychological  Symptoms of Dementia (K Burns, R Jayasinha, H Brodaty)

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  This ‘travel size’ summary version of the original BPSD Guide was designed to provide ready access to initial points for consideration. The aim of the document is to assist clinicians in residential aged care facilities, community care and acute care settings in their role of caring for persons with dementia, who present with BPSD.

   The Clinician’s Field Guide incorporates a set of modules, each of which begins with key  messages. Module one provides a guiding framework for the process of managing BPSD. Subsequent modules include a description of the BPSD, potential causes, differential diagnosis, measurement, prevalence, effects on the person with dementia and others, management strategies (psychosocial, environmental and biological interventions), conclusions, recommendations and limitations of the evidence presented. A brief clinical scenario encompassing BPSD presentation, assessment and strategies/outcomes is also provided. Distribution of hard copies to service providers throughout Australia is currently underway.  

  • The BPSD Guide electronic Application (App) for clinicians (K Burns, R Jayasinha, H Brodaty)
This condensed, electronic version of the BPSD Guide content has been developed for ipad, iphone and Android devices. The BPSD Guide App was designed to provide quick prompts to summary information which may assist clinicians in their role of managing BPSD, in situations where it is appropriate to access electronic hand held devices. See below for links to download the App.


Links to the BPSD Guide App download

For Family Carers

  • A Guide for Family Carers: Dealing with Behaviours in People with Dementia (K Burns, K Eyers, H Brodaty) 


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This ‘travel size’ adapted version of the original BPSD Guide was designed to provide ready access to information which may assist family carers providing care for a person with dementia. It includes strategies and practical information about how to deal with the BPSD which can occur throughout the course of dementia. Each module relates to a specific behaviour or psychological symptom and includes a description, potential causes, effect on the person with dementia and others, what can be done to help manage it and an example of a family’s experience with BPSD. 

Additional considerations for those with dementia from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and CALD communities are included as example family carer scenarios within the modules. Hard copies are available in the context of professional consultation with DBMAS and similar services throughout Australia. 


  • The Care4Dementia App for family carers and direct care staff

    This App is based on the content of the summary document: A Guide for Family Carers: Dealing with Behaviours in People with Dementia. The aim is to provide concise information and advice in an easily accessible way to assist those looking after a person with dementia to respond to changed behaviours.The App is available for ipad, iphone and Android devices. See below for links to download the App.
Links to the Care4Dementia App download


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