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An interactive multi-factorial model of dementia prevalence in the Australian population

Dr Victor Vickland, Prof Henry Brodaty
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Centre-based
Project Description

This project will develop a computer model of prevalence of dementia in the Australian population. The model will become an integral part of the BPSD model and will provide accurate figures on the incidence and prevalence of dementia. It will also be offered as a stand-alone application on the Internet and will serve as a resource for the researchers who are planning new studies in the field of dementia.

We will evaluate the usefulness of the model by offering it to the users and seeking their feedback.

This project will assist in building research capacity at the Primary Dementia Collaborative Research Centre UNSW and will enhance the accuracy of the computer model of BPSD management which is currently under development.

Project Portfolio

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