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Carers' perceptions of the role of Extended Aged Care at Home - Dementia Packages - PhD Project.

Ms Kirsten Moore
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of Melbourne
Project Description

Extended Aged Care at Home-Dementia (EACH-D) packages were introduced in Australia as a high level care, case management program for people living with dementia at home.

This study aims to examine carers' experiences of caring for a person with dementia within the context of the EACH-D program. The project will explore the role of EACH-D packages in helping carers look after someone at home as well as how clients manage prior to receiving a package and reasons that they place their relative in care after receiving a package.

It will also explore the role of EACH-D in improving quality of life, meeting needs, residential care placement and providing strategies for understanding and responding to behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.

The research will involve face to face, in-depth interviews with 45 family carers who are waiting for an EACH-D package (15 participants), currently receiving one (15 participants), or were receiving one prior to placing their relative in residential care (15 participants).

Participants will be recruited from an inner metro, an outer metro and a rural area of Victoria. Participants will be followed up three months later by telephone to determine whether their circumstances have changed. Interviews will be audio recorded and transcribed. Data will be analysed by contrasting responses from the different groups of participants to identify common themes and unique experiences.

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