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A national survey of research in residential aged care: Activity, Access and Issues

Prof Elizabeth Beattie, Ms Meredith Gresham, A/Prof Barbara Horner
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Hammond Care
Project Description

This internet-hosted survey project will describe current dementia-specific and general research activities, recent and current, undertaken in Australian residential aged care facilities (RACFs).

For the purposes of the survey, research activity will be defined as any project that utilises a systematic approach to data collection and for which ethical clearance from a committee has been obtained. The survey will also provide information about RACF research policies, staff involvement in research, and management-perceived barriers and enablers to research activities in RACF. Data obtained will provide a baseline of research activity and issues, and allow identification of gaps in the current scope and focus of dementia-specific research supported in RACFS.

Survey results will also inform further activities designed to improve RACF provider knowledge of what is required to support research activities, especially those that are dementia-specific, and to enhance young investigator knowledge of how to do research within the complex RACF research environment.

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