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Improving Stress and Sleep in Persons with Dementia: A feasibility test of the LASER-AD Intervention

Prof Elizabeth Beattie, Dr Judy McCrow
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Queensland University of Technology
Project Description

Sleep disturbances and impaired behavioural responses to stress are central clinical features in persons with Alzheimer's Disease (AD). A combined caregiver education, daily walking, and rest/nap intervention holds promise for improving sleep and behavioral responses to stress in this population, and may stabilise or improve cognitive function in these people. Educating family caregivers about the importance of recognition and appropriate responses to the behavioral signs of increased stress in persons with AD, and involving caregivers in the intervention is critical to achieve optimal care outcomes.

This study, the Australian arm of a US-Australian collaborative study (Total N = 20 dyads, 10 from Australia, 10 from the US), will determine the feasibility of the LASER-AD multi-component intervention.

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