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Participation, Purpose and Performance: A choir intervention for people with dementia

Prof Elizabeth Beattie
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Queensland University of Technology
Project Description

Social isolation and limited opportunities to interact beyond the family circle are common for people with dementia. Refusal to attend community activities is also common for people with dementia due to their dementia symptoms, resulting in them living a very isolated existence, and leaving the carer very few opportunities for respite. An activity that involves music can often interest them and encourage them to step out of the house. An existing weekly choir intervention involving singing practice, choir performance and social opportunities held in Melbourne has produced anecdotal evidence of improvements in social interaction, pleasure, engagement and aspects of behaviour, cognition and function in people with dementia.

This study will determine the feasibility and impact of the choir intervention in a new choir established by annecto, Yarraville office in Melbourne, and conducted by a registered music therapist.

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