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Impacting the quality of care of people with dementia in the acute hospital setting: An educational intervention

Prof Elizabeth Beattie, Mr Glenn Rees, Dr Ellen Skladzien
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Alzheimer's Australia, Queensland University of Technology
Project Description

Quality care of patients with dementia in the acute care setting requires that nurses are well-educated about dementia and able to translate that knowledge into action. Knowledge deficits may result in less than adequate nursing care or more special supervision for dementia patients. Special supervision in this acute care medical ward means employing a dedicated support staff member to individually supervise a patient exhibiting needs driven behaviours, such as aggression, agitation or wandering. 

The primary aim of this project is to identify potential education deficits and devise education strategies to improve staff knowledge thus equipping staff with the necessary skills to more effectively manage the behaviours of patients with dementia that affect their care.

Additionally this project will evaluate the environment and strategies used to care for people with dementia in this ward environment with the aim of making recommendations for changes that could improve their care.

Further, a cost benefit analysis will be performed to determine the fiscal effectiveness of the intervention.

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