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HIP-D Facilitator and Participant Workbook

Prof Gill Lewin, A/Prof Barbara Horner, Prof Elizabeth Beattie, Ms Sarah White
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Curtin University
Project Description

About this projectKnowledge Translation HIP is multi-faceted and is consistent with Lorig's program of Self Management of Chronic Disease (Lorig, 1996) as well as the most effective falls prevention strategies.

In order to develop a service model that is appropriate for people living at home with dementia, this project has extended the current HIP model to include strategies that have been demonstrated to be effective in assisting this target group to maximize those aspects of functioning included within HIP and to also include strategies to slow down and manage cognitive decline and memory loss and associated behaviours.

Training resources have been compiled to enable staff to implement the service to clients. The training materials have been used in the pilot, with feedback from staff and clients. Organisations will benefit from a training manual development and an audio visual aid for staff:

The training manual will be structured in two parts, a Facilitator's Guide and a Participants' Workbook. There will also be an accompanying PowerPoint presentation and a DVD/audio resource highlighting the key features of client assessment using the HIP-D framework.

  1. Facilitator's Guide will contain full details on the presentation of the training session including pre-requisites for attending the training; timing of the sessions; prompts of suggested answers for discussion groups and facilitated discussion notes for post-DVD viewing.
  2. Participant's Workbook will contain written material from the training day for participants to use for future reference, space for observations and notes in response to training material provided and a 'Strategies and Recommendations for practice' guide
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