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Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution LaTrobe University
Project Description

Knowledge Translation In 2010 LaTrobe University received funding from the DCRC: Carers and Consumers to develop an evidence-based sexuality assessment tool for residential aged care facilities/services to help them support the expression of sexuality of residents, both with and without dementia.

The aim of the tool is to help residential aged care facilities familiarise themselves with the issues, guide practice, and identify areas for improvement. While the use of the tool allows facilities to identify areas where practice change and improvements need to occur to support residents' expression of their sexuality, there are currently few resources available to assist facilities, residents or families.

This proposal seeks to target the important area of Education and Support for Families and develop an evidence based sexuality guide for residents' families. The guide will take the form of a consumer directed plain language booklet, which will explain residents' needs with regard to sexuality, the importance of sexuality and its expression, issues related to sexuality and dementia, the role of staff and family in maintaining resident's sexuality, care issues and useful resources and contacts. This resource will also be useful for personal care staff.

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