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Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution HammondCare
Project Description

GPs are an essential component in the health of dementia dyads.

Our recent project, Beyond Respite, identified a number of areas where GPs' lack of knowledge around diagnosing and treating dementia dyads impacted on carer wellness. The two main areas were,

i) issues around diagnosing of dementia and

ii) consultations that focused on the dementia sufferer, with limited attention to the carer.

This project will examine GPs knowledge of dementia dyads, with a focus on supporting and maintaining the wellness of carers.

This project will be carried out in four phases:

  1. Survey of the literature, examining Australian published research on GPs and dementia; and on issues involved in treating carers. This phase will also examine resources that are available to GPs in relation to dementia (e.g. from RACGP, Alzheimer's Australia etc.).
  2. Direct evidence gathering via interviews with GPs to ascertain their knowledge and comfort in treating dementia dyads, and their knowledge around carer wellness. It will also explore which issues or factors GPs feel may impact upon identifying carer health issues, and identify which resources may support GPs in maintaining carer wellness.
  3. Synthesis of the evidence gained from phases 1 and 2 to summarise the gaps in knowledge or resources
  4. The development of a checklist or educational resource which can enable GPs to identify and respond to carer wellness issues and maintain and support carers' quality of life.
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