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Carers' strategies for caring for people with dementia who wander

Prof Elizabeth Beattie, Dr Margaret MacAndrew
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
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Understanding the experience of caring for a family member who wanders or walks excessively

The experience of caring for a family member with dementia who wanders, walks a lot and/or gets lost while walking, can be different for each carer.

For some carers, your relative with dementia may have difficulty sitting for long periods and may appear to prefer to keep moving.

Others may find that their relative walks backwards and forward, not really going very far but never really sitting. And there may be some carers who have to search the neighbourhood for their relative when they leave home unaccompanied.

These are all examples of wandering. Wandering can be quite challenging to manage and can even place the person with dementia in dangerous situations.

Online Survey

To understand how carers manage wandering while caring for their relative with dementia at home, the Queensland University of Technology (in conjunction with DCRC-CC)  conducted an online survey of carers of people with dementia who are still cared for at home, or have only recently been admitted to Permanent Care.

This survey asked about the walking habits of the person with dementia, how those habits have affected the person with dementia and carer, and how the carer has managed the wandering behaviours.




QUT Ethics Approval Number 09000001005

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