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Residential Placement Transitions: Understanding the Experiences of Carers of People with Dementia

Dr Elaine Fielding, Dr Maria O'Reilly, Prof Elizabeth Beattie, Mr Mitchell McMaster
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution QUT
Project Description

The period surrounding the permanent residential placement of a person with dementia is a difficult one for the family carer. This descriptive, correlational study will explore that transition from the carer's point of view.

Two groups of carers will be included: those whose relative has recently been admitted to residential care and those whose relative is still on the waiting list.

Two questionnaires will be administered within the transition window, one at recruitment and one month later.

Characteristics of the carer, person with dementia, and the transition process itself will be tested as predictors of psychosocial outcomes for the carer, such as depression, burden, and how difficult they rate the transition to have been.

Open-ended questions will explore carer's opinions and feelings about the overall transition process, the informal and formal supports they have received, and the quality of their interactions with the staff of the residential facility their relative has been admitted to (or is on the waiting list for).

Carers will also be asked for suggestions for improving the transition process.


Ethics review: QUT HREC Approval No. 1300000654

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