Prof Henry BrodatyIn the April 2011 DCRC Newsletter, page 4, we did a major story on the Behavioural Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD). The article included the definition of BPSD, the role of DBMAS, and a special Spotlight on Professor Daniel O’Connor, who provides the leadership for DCRC ABC’s BPSD research.

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A year later, it is time for an update.

Professor Henry Brodaty has created a new powerpoint BPSD update.

The major themes from this update include an excellent background regarding BPSD, the latest non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapies and their impact on BPSD, and thorough conclusions on the Management and Treatment and of BPSD. The update provides information that will help people understand what some common BPSD are, why they may occur, what intervention options are commonly available while examining this all in the scope of the latest research.

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The July edition of Dementia Research News will have a story on the new DBMAS BPSD Guidelines being released in June as well as a terrific you tube BPSD presentation.