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Carer coaching program for families living with dementia

Prof Lynn Chenoweth, Professor Yun-Hee Jeon, Prof Jane Stein-Parbury, Matilda Freeman, Vicky Weeden
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of Technology Sydney
Project Description

About this projectThe project piloted an evidence-based caregiver coaching program provided by community nurses.

A pre/post-test, follow-up design was used with 20 family caregivers and 20 persons with mild to moderate dementia living at home, compared with controls.

Carer outcomes assessed included changes in the caregiving relationship, self-efficacy for caregiving, goal achievement, health, well-being and caring stress.

Carer coaching feasibility included carer, community nurse and person with dementia completion rates, satisfaction and recommended improvements. Compared with control group, the carers improved self-efficacy for caring, health and well-being (but not stress), goal achievement, adjustment to the caring role, an improved relationship with the care recipient and satisfaction with coaching and community nurse support. Community nurses gained new carer support skills. 

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Latest News

Lynn Chenoweth reports  in the Australian Journal of Dementia Care Aug/Sep 2016) on a successful Australian carer coaching program for families living with dementia.



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